Lamplighter Electrical specializes in electrical repair. As winter begins transitioning to Spring we are often called to assist with several types of repairs.

What Repairs Should You Consider?

Electrical repair are a large focal area for Lamplighter Electrical. Below is a list of repairs you should consider reviewing in your home.

  • GFCIs Outlet Repair: Also called ground fault circuit interrupters. These are devices that automatically shut off electrical power to a circuit if it detects electrical current flowing where it shouldn’t. GFCIs help protect you from electric shock and can even prevent fires.  It’s important to address this issue sooner rather than later so everyone in your home remains protected from serious injury.
  • AFCI Outlet Repair: Also called Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters. AFCIs help detect faults in your electrical system, and are mainly intended to help prevent electrical fires at all times. Like GFCI outlets, AFCIs play a crucial role in guaranteeing your safety.
  • Surge Protection Repair: You need reliable surge protection to protect your most essential lights and appliances. Without it, your home becomes vulnerable to power surges, which can damage both your lights and appliances. Repairs here wouldn’t just keep your electrical system working during the roughest of weather, but ensure you can continue to use electrical features essential to your safety, and home convenience.
  • Breaker Panel Repair: Consider the main Breaker Panel as the heart of your home’s electrical system. Typically located in a basement or closet, it houses the distribution board dividing the electrical power your home receives in a variety of different directions, allowing you to turn on every lamp, tv, or refrigerator in your home. If you suddenly lose electricity in your home, finding the breaker panel to assess the appropriate repair level is a top priority.
  • Circuit Repair: When power is piped into your home by your energy provider, it is funneled through to the rest of your system via these circuits. You’ll likely have different circuits for every part of your home, and you’ll want to make sure they are maintained as much as possible.

While a self-administered review of your home each year can prevent costly issues, electrical repairs are a critical aspect of home ownership and shouldn’t go too long without the proper attention.